Mixtikl 2 Brings Generative Music to Desktops, Mobiles – and Generates Music in Tweets

A traditional music score can fill reams of paper. But make music generative, and a tiny amount of musical DNA can breed musical events. How little DNA is needed? How about 140 character worth – enough to fit into a single Twitter post? That’s what’s possible in Mixtikl 2, which dubs its Twitter musical “vectors” […]

Intermorphic Mixtikl Arrives: Mobile and Desktop Generative, Creative Music Suite

Oh, yeah. It’s deep. To keep a cool head, perhaps put on "Music for Airports" on loop while you read through the tutorials. Musicians and composers have long dreamt of computers and mobiles playing music that changes on its own, rather than playing static, pre-determined scores. But to actually pull it off, you need a […]

- December 23, 2008

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