Audiobus is all about connecting apps, which requires apps with built-in support. So, one surprising and encouraging feature - Audiobus will make it easy to discover which apps are compatible. (See also: notifications, below.)

iOS Music Apps, in Harmony: Audiobus Details, Easy App Finding, Dec 10 Launch [Gallery]

Use a great effect app to process another app. Record your favorite app in another tool. Make apps work together, and maximize the potential of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. At last, Audiobus promises the ability to take the constellation of apps appearing on Apple mobiles and use them together, easily. We’ve known why this was cool, and we knew it was coming – see our in-depth preview and explanation of workflow.. Now, we know when, and to which apps. Audiobus’ developers have revealed next Monday December 10 as the official launch date. Also, we’re seeing some new screens …