New Gold Panda Full-Length: Hypnotic Craft, Deep Feelings, as Always

Gold Panda is back with another full-length masterpiece. Here, any gauzy soft-focus fuzz is stripped away. The music is still warm, focused on chopped-up samples, and delicious, meditative repetition. But it’s more focused than ever, with a dry directness that lets his musical craft come further to the fore. There is some narrative and program explained on Gold Panda’s “Half of Where You Live.” Some of that is hard to miss – exotic percussion, clanging away as though you’ve ventured out onto the streets in some far-off city, references in titles and vocals to place. And there’s a sober comment …


Good Listening: Heathered Pearls Mixes, from Helmsman of Moodgadget

This week holds for me lots to talk about on CDM, lots to teach, lots to make – and for many of our readers, it’s an action-packed week coming back from summer vacation and/or a long weekend. So, let’s start it off right with some good music. Jakub Alexander is a Brooklyn-based DJ whose work I’ve followed for some time. He’s one of the contributors behind the always-tasteful ISO50 blog, and he helms Moodgadget, the underrated and eclectic label that is perhaps more than other the “farm” label for Ghostly. Under the alias Heathered Pearls, Jakub is himself on Ghostly, …