Joué is a modular touch sensitive controller that changes into anything

Like pressure-sensitive control – but don’t want to commit to one layout? Joué is a fascinating new controller concept that has touch sensitivity but lets you change layouts on the fly – with tactile control. The concept: add physical, modular overlays to the top to change the function of the controller. At its heart, the Joué is a USB-connected controller – much like the ROLI Seaboard, roughly speaking. It transmits data over MIDI. The difference is the physical overlays. Combined with configurable settings in a software editor, they let you add piano-style keys, drum pads, guitar-like frets, or other 3D …


Touchable Music: At Last, Lemur’s Interactive Touch Controls Make it to iPad (Videos)

A lot of people have waited a long time to see this happen. Lemur software running on the iPad, courtesy Liine. Click for bigger version. Before the iPad, before the iPhone, and indeed before the masses understood touch interfaces would be a big deal, there was the Lemur. Dazzling people with high-contrast, colorful controls, this boutique hardware, priced well over €2000 and running embedded Linux and custom resistive touch technology, brought the future a bit early to a handful of musicians. Star Trek was what you heard most frequently – sweeping your fingers over black glass was nothing if not …


Spotted: Lemur Interface, Running on iPad

I don’t know why you look so surprised about this, really. Photo (CC-BY) insanephotoholic. “Lemur should just run on the iPad.” “There’s no point to have a Lemur when you can get an iPad for $500.” “When will the Lemur just run on the iPad?” Soon, apparently. Sources and an in-person sighting suggest to me you’ll see this in the very near future. The JazzMutant Lemur, the touch control hardware I reviewed over five years ago, gave musicians the first widely-available, for-sale taste of multi-touch control of music. It established a lot of basic paradigms that would appear on other …


Does Sequencomat for the Now-Defunct Lemur Trump iPad Touch Sequencers? Watch it Do Ableton, Analog

Interactive touch layouts for sequencers are something of a no-brainer – imagine if an analog pattern machine and the deck of the Starship Enterprise had a love child. But platforms come and go. And just because the iPad is the shiny, new thing – and remains the most affordable solution at the moment – doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from ideas beyond just the platform with an Apple logo. Almost a year ago, we saw some compelling sequencer ideas for the Lemur. Sadly, that hardware was discontinued in the fall. But the users keep using it. Matthias Wille’s Sequencomat has …


JazzMutant Lemur Controller is Dead; Long Live Multitouch

The Lemur, seen here onstage with The Glitch Mob, rides off into the sunset. It’s not so often that I write obituaries for hardware, but this time, it seems appropriate. JazzMutant has announced that its Lemur, the multi-touch hardware controller, is officially at the end of its life. Their announcement:


$200 Makes Your Laptop Touch-Enabled; Usine Music Demo

No doubt about it: touch is coming to more screens near you. But there’s no need to disappoint your current beloved laptop. $200 kits can turn your laptop into a functioning touchscreen. Now, as I’m working with JazzMutant’s Lemur this week, before you get excited, this is no Lemur – or even anything like your iPhone or iPod touch. Sensitivity and accuracy are workable, but not exceptional, the overlay is pretty simple (as you can see in the video) rather than integrated with the display, and this is single-touch only — not multi-touch. Lastly, on a conventional laptop that isn’t …


MonoTouchLive, the Lemur, Imitation, and Hopes for an Older, Wiser CDM

Even online, words have a tendency to linger long after you write them. And I recognize that the risk here is not only what those words mean to me, but others, too. So I want to revisit a topic today in the interest of moving forward. I wrote a kneejerk post earlier in the life of CDM about MonoTouchLive, a single-touch interface with UI widgets inspired by JazzMutant’s Lemur. MonoTouchLive was (and is) Windows-only, standalone software for controlling Ableton Live. It’s now free of cost. I’ll be honest: in my original post, I overreacted, and I didn’t choose my words …

READ MORE → Ramping Up New Content: AV Challenge, Lemur Intro. DIY Projector Mount launched almost 6 months ago now, and while Momo isn’t drowning the interwebs in new content, what’s showing up is something CDMo is definitely lacking as a VJ site: Original video content. Of particular interest is their high quality go-anywhere DIY Projector Mount, first steps in Quartz Composer, and some intro videos to VJing with the Jazzmutant Lemur (as extensively covered from a musical perspective on CDM). Their latest initiative: AV Challenge #1, to create source material to be used beatbox-style for a future challenge. The last competitions/challenges featured on CDMo were from the now-defunct DVGuru. I hope VJKungFoo …