Free Audacity Audio Editor Gets Spectral Edits, Live Plug-ins

Dedicated wave editor Audacity has found enduring popularity, as a free and open source tool for working with sound. It runs on Linux, Windows, and OS X – with support for older Mac operating systems, which these days is sometimes tough to find. But just being free and open isn’t reason enough to use something, particularly when a lot of DAWs do a pretty decent job of wave editing. This latest version of Audacity, 2.1.0, comes with some additions that might make it worth revisiting. First, there’s spectral editing. In most software, audio editing is performed by time only. Here, …


Cycling ‘74 Ditches Plug-in Development Support; Free + Commercial Alternatives

David Zicarelli has announced that Cycling ‘74 is discontinuing Max/MSP Pluggo-based products, meaning the company will no longer develop Pluggo, Mode, Hipno, or UpMix. More significantly, this means an end to the use of Max/MSP as a way of developing plug-ins; David writes that there will be “no further development on … their supporting technology.” It’s the supporting technology that Max patchers have relied upon to make their own instruments and effects for VST/AU/RTAS Mac and Windows hosts, and its demise to me is the real news here for the Max community. The article touts the upcoming availability of Max …


Free Audacity Wave Editor Updates (Intel-PPC Mac, Linux, Windows), Free Windows Plug-ins

Aside from commercial alternatives, the preferred open source audio editor tool is Audacity. Early releases of Audacity were unquestionably rough around the edges, in terms of both stability and features, but thanks to the efforts of the open source community, the software is steadily improving. Version 1.2.5, released this week, is the new stable version, with Intel Mac support, bug fixes, and now FLAC audio support. (Seems the FLAC support alone is worth keeping it on your hard drive, even if you prefer other tools.) The 1.3.2 beta is where things start to get more interesting: New selection bar and …