A Tortilla Laser-cut Into a Record is the Future of Music

Hipsters love Mexican food, record players, and laser cutters. Let’s combine them – for reals. The hell with other music distribution media…


Cascading Topologies of Data, in 3D Surface and Projection Mapping

Yota Devices / Scenarios from onionlab on Vimeo. Beyond the tired repetition of look-alike work, collaborations between areas like architecture and visual design really can light up our cities in new ways. I spent some time today touring the Fab Lab Barcelona, a multi-disciplinary fabrication studio peopled by experts in architecture and design. What’s special about this space to me is not only the well-stocked array of tools, but a commitment to applying technology to new contexts. The campaign just wrapped up yesterday on a crowd-funded sensor board that will provide intelligent environmental data from around the world, called Smart …


LUME: Real-World Patching with Big, Physical Modules

What if patching, as on screen, involved physical unit generators you could connect with cables? KK Chau sends this project that answers that question. It’s modular at the lowest possible level – each box with one or two knobs, doing just one thing. And the sound? The sound is … uh, awful, actually. In a fun way. Not much info, but there’s not too much to say – this is analog patchable insanity. As the creator puts it, it’s intended to “let people to make MSP/Pure Data-type synthesising logic in analog world.”