Renoise Community Already Have Their Own Tool for CDP; Free, Easy Sound Mangling Results

Not to be out-geeked, it seems that while BT is stumbling around the command line, the community at Renoise have built a free tool around the archaic sound-mangling goodness of the now-available-for-free CDP (Composers Desktop Project). For those of you just joining us – that’s a strange and wonderful tool that processes sound files into crazy distorted, morphed new forms in various ways. The Renoise forum is all over this, having used Lua to code up a front end that makes processing files part of the workflow in Renoise. It’s … kind of incredible. Thank UK-based user afta8 and other …


JACK for iOS: Audio and MIDI Between Apps, High Performance, Free

iOS now offers lots of options for using apps together, but – that’s part of the problem. The solutions are piecemeal. There’s inter-app MIDI. There’s Audiobus, which does audio, but requires the purchase of a separate app. Then you need something else for sharing data. And something else for sync. Confused yet? (Hey, it’s easy, just remember: Audiobus, WIST, AudioCopy, AudioPaste, Core MIDI and inter-app MIDI, and… yeah.) By the time you’re done, you’ve actually had to buy new apps just to get things working together, and you have a number of different technologies just to do some basic things …


Processing, Enroute to 2.0, Gets a Major Refresh, Better OpenGL

From the early days, a 2003 printout of Processing’s source code. Photo (CC-BY) Niels Heidenreich. Processing helped bring coding to designers, artists, and creators who never thought they’d code. The beauty of it is, in a world where people often feel technology gets worse with age, Processing is getting better. Thank co-creators Ben Fry and Casey Reas and a team of volunteers. Processing 0193 was released today, the latest pre-release (emphasis: pre-release) of the 1.x series. That puts Processing enroute to a landmark 2.0 release some time this fall. Why does this matter? A few big improvements: OpenGL, performing faster. …