Full-Featured Genome MIDI Sequencer for iPad, and a Chat with its Creator

The tablet – or at least the iPad – is beginning to look like a terrific accessory for lovers of MIDI and hardware. With its compact form factor, it coexists nicely with your MIDI gear and lets you focus on sequencing, perhaps moving to the traditional computer to finish up your track, mixing, and the like. And it’s spawning MIDI sequencer apps that imaginatively explore ideas for how to create sequencing, all with an immediate touchable interface. The latest entry: Genome MIDI Sequencer claims to be the “first true pattern-based MIDI sequencer for iPad.” The word “true” might be debateable, …


Your iOS Device Gets MIDI with Thru and Power – and 1 GB of Samples – from IK

For connecting music hardware from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and today, you can’t beat MIDI and the standard MIDI connector (5-pin DIN). This week, both IK Multimedia and Line 6 announced adapters that support Core MIDI. Previously possible on iPad via the Camera Connection Kit, the new adapters support the 30-pin dock connector for the iPad (no additional adapter needed), iPhone, and iPod touch. IK’s iRig MIDI has a number of features that set it apart from previously-available iOS adapters: It’s got MIDI Thru. MIDI Thru means you can route MIDI into your iOS device, so an external keyboard can …


MIDI Mobilizer for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Why You’d Choose It, Which Apps Work

Earlier this week, I took a quick overview of what options you can choose for connecting MIDI to the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. Make no mistake: the coming of iOS 4.2 will broaden your options for mobile MIDI on Apple gadgets. But I realized a somewhat glib comment in my story made some folks – Engadget included – get the wrong message. They jumped to the conclusion that the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, a portable MIDI adapter for these platforms, is no longer important. On the contrary, better MIDI support in the OS should make anything to do with …


Of MIDI, iPhones and iPads, and a Restrictive Future for Hardware?

For years, in music technology and computing, we’ve relied on an idea so ubiquitous, we take it for granted. That notion is that you can use things together, and they work. At its soul, MIDI gives us the power to assemble different sounds, to record ideas. It means the investment you make in one device, whether a soundmaker or computer, can be expanded. Just brought a new gadget home? Plug it into the old gadget, and use them together. There’s another notion, even more fundamental, underneath that idea: if you save up your pennies and buy gear, you get to …


Line6’s KB37 Guitar/Vocal/Bass-Processing Keyboard

Multi-instrumentalists, Line6 must have you in mind. The equipment maker, known primarily for their guitar products, has plunked a keyboard on their multi-effects box / audio interface hybrid, TonePort. There are plenty of reasons to like the TonePort line: a broad approach to effects that caters to vocalists as well as guitarists, and cheaply-priced but good-sounding effects, in an interface with excellent low-latency performance. (Not to mention retro-looking VU meters, and they’re not just eye candy — they’re assignable.) Not everyone will need a keyboard in the same unit, but if you do, it’s nice to see a real mod …


TonePort USB Shipping; Computer Effects for Vocalists

When you hear live computer effects, the emphasis is almost always on guitarists. What about vocalists? Line6 is building vocal-centered effects into their eminently-affordable TonePort USB line, which (via Harmony Central) is shipping as of now. Starting at under US$200, a singer with a laptop and a good mic doesn’t have to balk at going digital. The included interface promises good mic pres and, in addition to the usual guitar stuff, some effects that will be especially useful to vocalists. Check out their vocal line-up: models of vintage mic pres, EQ, and even tape, plus a compressor, noise gate, de-essers, …