ParamDrum: Reaktor-Powered Drum Sequencer an Rx for Drum Variety

ParamDrum TR Edition from Peter Dines on Vimeo. Imagine a machine that lets you walk a thin line between control and chaos. You’ll be tweaking it, for sure – you’ll want to invest a sufficient amount of time shaping its sounds and adjusting its instruments to alter its flightpath. But once set in motion, it […]

The Zen of monome Performance: Edison’s Live Push-Button Music

edison…. new set up….! from edison on Vimeo. The open source monome, ingeniously minimal as it is, is just an object. It’s the community that has formed around this hardware controller, a simple array of light-up buttons, that has made monome a cultural phenomenon, by pushing performance practice. Using grids of simple music events, they […]

Video Gallery: Live Acts – Live Electronic Performance, Done Right

As a companion to Primus Luta’s story on artists and live electronic music performance, we’ve compiled a gallery of videos of the artists featured in action live. Daedelus

Ableton Live Lounge Saturday Night in NYC; Live Controller History in Progress

Handheld eggs, ironing boards, machinedrums, phones … live setups can involve all sorts of oddities, especially among the rabid (in a good way) Ableton Live fanbase, and we’ll be showing them in NYC. Saturday night, we’ll chill out after Dubspot’s day-long workshop with a free, open party in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District at 675 Bar to […]

Free and Discounted Ableton Live Learning in NYC, KJ Sawka’s Chops, Richie’s Controller

Richie Hawtin’s custom-built Ableton Live controller makes up part of his unique live music and visual rig as Plastikman. And, yes, I’ll bring the grassroots “do more as Plastikman” campaign to Mr. Hawtin when I see him. Side note: there’s more than a passing resemblance to certain features of the Akai APC40 here, huh? We […]

We Love Montreal: Pre-MUTEK Warper Party and Open Lab, Tuesday 5/26

MUTEK this year looks to be a tremendous few days of audiovisual performance and art. To get in the mood one day early, we’re working with our friends at New York’s eclectic monthly live electronic party to host a special Montreal edition of Warper. It’s a convergence of New York and Montreal artists (full lineup […]

Man Behind the Mouse Mask: Deadmau5 on Monome, Not Being a DJ, with DTD

Deadmau5 interview with Dancetracks from Dancetracks on Vimeo. Our friends over at Dancetracks Digital send along their video of Deadmau5, the top mouse-headed act on the planet right now. Deadmau5 may surprise you, with some good things to say about playing the open-source, sustainable, OSC-savvy monome controller – the controller that had big grids of […]

Glitch Mobber, Laptopist edIT Walks Through His Live Setup, Talks Ableton, Lemur

edIT, live in Chicago. Photo: Eric Rejman, via MySpace. [podcast][/podcast] Download MP3 Liz McLean Knight aka Quantazelle catches up with one of our laptopist idols: edIT, the talented solo artist and Glitch Mob member. I won’t insult what he does by giving it a dumb name (“Glitch Hop?”). Suffice to say, edIT is adept at […]

Gustavo Bravetti, Driving Crowds Wild with a Wave of His Wii-Enabled Hands

Gustavo Bravetti – Alternative Controllers @ Tribaltech 2009 (SC edition) from Gustavo Bravetti on Vimeo. Friend of the Site Gustavo Bravetti is back, getting the young Brazilian boys and girls on their feet with his virtual reality glove and Wiimotes and gesturally-controlled electronica. Gustavo sends us this video from the 2009 Tribaltech SC Edition in […]