Lomography Unveils 35mm, Lo-Fi Film Motion Camera, LomoKino – Just in the Nick of Time

Make all the hipster jokes you like. Fashionable film photography could be all that lies between us and the demise of film. With camera manufacturing and film stock going out of production, enthusiasts – both the inventors/merchandisers and users – are having to rebuild the film revolution from scratch. And while this site’s name has […]

8-bit Visuals with Bit Shifter, flight404, noteNdo – Because Processing Can be Lo-Fi, Too

Bit Shifter & Flight404 • “Feedback” / “Flight Risk” from Bit Shifter on Vimeo. It’s not just sound going chip, lo-fi, retro. Live visuals are, too. With Jaymis at Brisbane’s Game On fest and New York’s chip blowout the Blip Festival coming up next week, it seems a perfect time to look at some inspired […]

“Where’s the Party At?” Bendable, Open DIY Sampler Brings 8-bit Back

Todd Bailey’s “Where’s the Party At?” wants to return to a simpler, glitchier era of sampling. When CDM spoke to Hank Shocklee, Public Enemy’s legendary producer, he talked about how those artists really preferred earlier samplers because of, not in spite of, their flaws. And because lo-fi is a little easier to pull off, this […]

Easy Digital Distortion with a Lo-Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal

Lo-fi Arduino Guitar Pedal from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo. CDM regular Kyle McDonald keeps cranking out wonderful projects. Following up on a tangible music sequencer powered by Skittles (taste the rainbow of fruity beats), and last week’s cheap-but-effective DIY 3D interface, he’s now put the popular DIY electronics platform Arduino to work as a lo-fi […]