Apogee GiO: Foot Control, Audio for GarageBand, Logic, MainStage

The market is clear: guitarists (and other instrumentalists) want to plug in a piece of hardware, fire up their Mac, and start playing with GarageBand right away. The announcement of Apple’s new Logic Studio 9 last week coincided with the release of new hardware from Apogee, the audio vendor that has gone Mac-only and Apple-centric. […]

GarageBand 09 and Logic: Compatibility, About Those New Guitar Effects…

Following GarageBand has long been a good way to follow what improvements might be in store for Apple’s flagship Logic. And many Logic users use GarageBand as a sketchpad for bigger sets – Apple, of course, hope that GarageBand is a gateway drug to their delicious higher-end studio. GarageBand ’09 is no exception. New Models […]

Logic vs. Final Cut: Installation Problem Solved

We’re here on the road looking to capture and edit HDV on the go. I pop in my Final Cut Studio install disc to try out on my loaner MacBook Pro, and — huh? It skips installation of Final Cut Pro no matter what I do? Turns out the culprit is installing Logic Studio, then […]

My Logic Studio Review for Macworld: Big Overhaul Pays Off

My review of Apple’s Logic Studio (including Logic Pro 8) is now live at Macworld.com (it’ll also be in the January 2008 print issue). Summary: Pros: Single-window view speeds editing and setup; MainStage program ideal for playing instruments and effects live; powerful, easy-to-access editing and take management tools; bundles Soundtrack Pro but halves the price; […]

Call for Help: Logic Environment Round-Up

With the release of Logic Studio 8, several soundware houses released custom Logic Environments / sound packs. Taking advantage of Logic’s unique modular engine, beneath its shiny new skin, has some real potential. I’m trying to organize a round-up of everything out there, so if you represent a company doing commercial Logic development — or […]