Reviewed: Peak Pro, Audio Editor and Sound Bundle for the Mac

All you really need to know, sound design lovers: cross-synthesis. “Peak” is a long-standing name in audio editing on the Mac. I recently got to review its latest iteration, Peak Pro 6, for Macworld and Macworld Review: Peak Pro 6 Sample editor and audio suite tweaked for pros, sound designers, and podcasters I still […]

Can Laptops Be Expressive? Jamming on MacBooks at Stanford’s Laptop Orchestra

We routinely talk about how the interface paradigm of a computer — screen, QWERTY, trackpad – isn’t optimal for music. But how many of you have, in a pinch, done a live laptop set with just your computer, and found some way to make it work? The Stanford University Laptop Orchestra, set to play this […]

My Logic Studio Review for Macworld: Big Overhaul Pays Off

My review of Apple’s Logic Studio (including Logic Pro 8) is now live at (it’ll also be in the January 2008 print issue). Summary: Pros: Single-window view speeds editing and setup; MainStage program ideal for playing instruments and effects live; powerful, easy-to-access editing and take management tools; bundles Soundtrack Pro but halves the price; […]

Soundtrack Pro 2: My Macworld Review

Soundtrack Pro 2 from Apple offers some major new improvements over the first release of the “Pro” audio editor from Apple. Multichannel editing now works properly, with the ability to nudge by frames and move clip envelopes together with clips, and there are some brilliant new features for conforming audio projects to video and a […]

Macworld on MacBook Pro Update; Why Santa Rosa Matters

Macworld, naturally, spends a lot of time focused intently on Apple hardware while I get distracted by beatboxing parrots and modular synthesizers built out of yarn and rubber bands. They have an excellent write-up of the significance of the MacBook Pro Santa Rosa upgrades, with comments on their benchmarks of the equivalent refreshed MacBooks: MacBook […]

Macworld: E-MU Ships Beta Mac Drivers; Proteus for Mac Coming

E-MU was once a beloved moniker in the music gear business. Now owned by Creative Labs, they’ve made a new name for themselves with software versions of their sound modules and value-priced keyboards and interfaces — but Mac users haven’t been invited to the party. So I was surprised when I heard Mac users coming […]

Macworld: Will Apple Keep its iPhone Closed? Multi-Touch Patents?

After the Macworld keynote glow wears off, the question is, will the iPhone be another closed box, shut off to brilliant third-party developers? It’s not as if we won’t have choices. Gizmodo points out the open-source OpenMoko alternative. But there’s still some hope Apple might let developers in — and even Flash would be fantastic. […]

Macworld: Axiotron ModBook Mac Tablet Hands-on

For the record, this is not my hand. If it were my hand, you’d see me tweaking Max/MSP or something. To whomever may own this hand: sorry I didn’t have you sign a release on the tablet. -PK Tablets have always held a special, niche appeal for musicians. For notation, they’re invaluable: you can prop […]

Macworld: Up Close with Belkin TuneStudio, iPod Mixer/Recorder

Take out those earbuds and start recording mixes. Or, okay, just keep dancing around with your fellow, sexy silhouettes. It was easy to go into iPod accessory overload at this year’s Macworld Expo, which ballooned back into two halls of the Moscone Center more because of iPod products than Mac products. (Some wondered if the […]

Macworld: Becoming a Mac Visualist – Live Visual Resources

Once, digital image editing was a fringe medium. Now, almost everyone who uses a computer does basic image editing. So, I’m pleased to get to talk today at Macworld Expo about live visuals and reactive/interactive animation. I chose some relatively simple examples since time was short, just to cover the basics. I think some of […]