This Week In Synths: ARP 2500, Wiard 300 Series, SCI’s “The Patch”, EMS VCS1, and Roxy Music

The ARP 2500 This one actually just popped up for auction with a buy it now of $13,800. The 2500 was ARP’s first modular flagship and consisted of the 2003 synthesizer and 3003 keyboard controller. As mentioned in last week’s post, the ARP 2500 was also the synth played by ARP engineer Philip Dodds in […]

This Week In Synths: The First Buchla 500, Buchla 200e Rock, ARP 2500 Demo and Repair

The Buchla 500 at CalArts A little bit of Buchla synth history via Peter Grenader of Plan b. That giant modular in the background is the Buchla 500, the rarest of the rare in the modular synth world. It is possible there were only three ever in existence. “The following flckr stream [link] was from […]

This Week In Synths: AHNE 2007, Custom Synth Madness, The Lyricon, and C64 Action

AHNE 2007 – Happy Syntho De Mayo Every year synth die-hards migrate East for AHNE. It is an amazing gathering filled with vintage gear as you will see in the links that follow. This year’s event looks like it did not disappoint. Unfortunately I was not able to make it due to having to make […]

This Week In Synths: Iraq, Birthdays, Kawai SX-240, Howard Jones Goes Retro, Dr. Who

A Casio in Iraq Ok, not technically a synth, but check this out. It’s a Casio AT-40 with Arabic labels spotted in Iraq of all places. Via Daniel: “A casio AT-40 with arabic lettering that I spotted in Hewler/Arbil in northern Iraq in december last year. I should have bought it!” Yeah he should have. […]

This Week In Synths: Mexican Wrestling, Flourescent Displays, EMS, and Donny

This week I thought I’d start of with something a little different. An artist that goes by the name Latinsizer of Mil Records (Latinsizer on MySpace). I first discovered Latinsizer via a number of great synth videos on YouTube posted by pepemogt. I personally like nearly all synth videos I see because regardless of the […]

This Week In Synths: Max Mathews, Synths in Second Life, Synths by Perry, Barbie Synthi, and the Polivoks

Max Mathews and 50 Years of Computer Music “Fifty years ago, in 1957, at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Max Mathews demonstrated that the digital computer can be used as a fantastic new musical instrument. He created a revolutionary software platform destined to form the basis of all contemporary digital musical systems. His audacious ideas were driven […]

This Week In Synths: The First Synths to…, Star Trek Wii, Yamaha’s First Synth, Access Goldfilter, and Sequence Madness

The First Synth to… In case you missed it, Sonic State is running a video series on The Top 20 Greatest Synths of all time. About once a month they put up a video featuring three synths from the countdown. As you can imagine a few controversial pieces came up including the E-Mu Proteus, and […]

This Week In Synths: The Woman That Started it All, A New Kind of Sequencer, Circuit Bending Synced, PPG MiniROM and… Charles

This week I thought I’d shake things up a bit and post a few of the videos that came in over the last few days. It’s Friday folks! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. That said, I hope you enjoy at least one of these. Do make sure to check out the last video. […]

This Week in Synths: Musicmesse, Rarities for Sale, Donimoog Modular, Buchla Vids

The Rest of the Messe As you know, the Frankfurt Musicmesse opened on Wednesday the 28th. There were quite a few exciting announcements including the Nord Wave, Arturia Origen Keyboard, the Dexter and of course the biggest announcement in my opinion, the Solaris hardware synth by John Bowen Synth Designs. If you haven’t already, be […]

This Week in Synths: The Stearns Collection Moog, Mike Oldfield’s OB-Xa, MOOG IIIp

The First Commercial MOOG You are looking at the Moog Synthesizer, Stearns 2035. It currently resides as part of the Stearns Collection at the University of Michigan. According to the university it was the first commercially produced MOOG Synthesizer. “This particular instrument has the distinction of being the first commercially produced Moog synthesizer. It was […]