VisualVox Polyphonic Tone Manipulation: The Indie, EUR25 Celemony?

Sonic scientist Peter Neubäcker of Melodyne has been wowing Internet audiences for some time with the automagical powers of the company’s Direct Note Access (DNA). The vision: manipulate individual pitches as easily as MIDI notes, even in polyphonic passages of a single instrument. At NAMM last month, the company showed the first product, Melodyne editor, […]

Change Audio Notes Like MIDI: New Melodyne 2 Direct Note Access

Celemony’s Melodyne plug-in could already perform incredible feats of pitch manipulation with audio. But monophonic audio is one thing. Polyphonic audio has long been sound manipulation’s final frontier. With Melodyne 2, it seems Celemony’s audio wizards have finally cracked the problem. Celemony is showing their new technology at Musikmesse, and they’ve got demos online you […]