SonicPhoto Focuses on Transforming Images into Sound, with Precision Harmonies, Stereo [Windows]

Translating between the visual and the musical is never a perfect science. But maybe that’s the point — maybe it’s the oblique quality of transforming a picture into a sonic score that’s so appealing. SonicPhoto is the latest application to attempt the feat. Following in the footsteps of MetaSynth and Photosounder, it makes each pixel […]

MetaSynth 5 is Here: Graphical Sound-as-Painting Tool, Overhauled

A refresh for an old friend. Click through for full-sized image. MetaSynth has long been something special, a rare tool beloved by sound designers and fans of unusual software for music. The creation of software designer Eric Wenger, creator of the 3D modeling tool Bryce, expressed his unique vision of how computer design could work […]

Peter Kirn - August 13, 2009

Sound to Pixels and Back Again: Isolating Instruments with Photosounder

Sound is a wonderful, if invisible thing. To work with these tiny fluctuations in air pressure that make up what we hear, we always work with some sort of software metaphor. So why not make that metaphor pixels – and why not manipulate the visual element directly? Translating between sound and image is not a […]

- April 16, 2009

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