TonalEnergy is so much more than just a tuner and metronome

TonalEnergy is so much more than just a tuner and metronome, it can do way more and really shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’ve never seen this app before you should check it out as it’s a real swiss army knife in your iOS toolkit

Feel the beat on a Magic Trackpad or MacBook with free tool

Don’t like clicks or beeps or other sounds when using a metronome? Try some haptic feedback instead, with this free utility.

Peter Kirn - July 19, 2016

Steinberg made a free iPhone metronome – and it’s great

Soemtimes it’s the little things. I’ve struggled for some time to find a simple metronome I can recommend. But a lot have a bunch of features I don’t really care about – and then lack some basic flexibility. So this is a welcome and unexpected arrival. It’s a free metronome app from Steinberg for iOS, […]

Peter Kirn - July 18, 2016

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