Preview: OpenStomp, Open Source Effects Stompbox, US$349

Ever dreamed of being able to program your own DSP hardware as easily as you can connect custom effects on your computer? Earlier this summer, we saw the open source OpenStomp effects pedal. Then, information was scant and we hadn’t seen an actual unit. Now, the box is going into production for North America at […]

OpenStomp: More Open Visual Hardware to Come?

Today on CDMusic, I’m looking at the new OpenStomp, an open source guitar stompbox. That’s the project’s main focus, but dig into the specs, and you find something interesting: an NTSC output. There’s even an example patch with Pong. Using visual programming tools, it should be possible to whip up more. More on the video […]

Robot Drum Machine Roams, Samples, Bangs On Stuff

This has been making the blog-o-rounds, but if you haven’t seen it, the Yellow Drum Machine is a brilliant musical robot — brilliantly musical, and brilliantly simply technologically. (There’s something to be said for elegant design.) It rolls around, looks for objects nearby, bangs on them, and samples that sound. (Hmm, it’s like a little […]