Tascam HD-P2 High-Def Flash Recorder: DAT’s All, Folks

Now we’re talking. Tascam’s upcoming HD-P2 is finally a portable Compact Flash recorder that doesn’t skimp on pro features. Incredibly, its street price will be under US$1000, but the preliminary specs read like a device costing a lot more, and by providing timecode input on a cheap device, it’s an indie filmmaker’s dream recorder: Up […]

iKey $149 Portable USB Recorder: Gemini Responds In-Depth

I took a first look at Gemini’s new iKey portable recording device, first on its own, then in a roundup of portable recording products. Basically, it’s a 2 lb. box that connects to an RCA line in and outputs MP3s or WAV files onto a USB key. Gemini iKey [Product Page] I was initially critical […]

@AES: PreSonus’ New Handheld Audio Interface, Fully Plugged

AES updates through the week — problem with being at the show is, it doesn’t leave much time to write about the show! -PK Let’s face it: what most people need for computer audio is just an easy way of plugging in a mic or guitar or two. Presonus’ new Inspire 1394 is a bus-powered […]

Numark’s $99 Portable Turntable, Torture Tested in the Burning Man Desert

CDM’s resident spinner, DJ Eldorado, brings us a review of Numark’s ultra-portable, US$99 turntable, the PT01. But he didn’t just see if it could pass muster in his bedroom: he preferred more extreme conditions. Here’s his full review:

iPod Nano Still Not a Recorder; Portable Recording Alternatives [Updated]

Yet another iPod . . . yet another iPod without real recording capability. (And no, adding a piece of hardware and then having to deal with low-resolution recording does not count.) So while Nano is certainly deeply drool-worthy for listening, wouldn’t it be great to have an iPod-like device for recording? Here are some of […]

Mindprint Trio: Audio Interface/FX Good for Mobile Music?

A USB audio interface these days is about as exciting as a pair of knee socks, and unlike the latter, you don’t really need multiples. But this particular box is actually interesting. Trio USB [Mindprint] First, the Trio delivers all the hardware effects you’d need in a channel strip: mic inputs, low-cut filter, “vintage” 2-band […]

Gemini iKey Recorder: BYO Hard Drive (Huh?)

Here’s a novel solution to the need for portable recording: the new Gemini iKey lets you leave the computer at home for recording, but only provided you connect your own USB hard drive. (See Harmony Central; nothing posted at Gemini’s site as I write this.) The good news: it only costs US$229 and lets you […]

PSP Rhythm Composer: Roland-Style Drum Machine / PSPKick Update

There’s now not just one but two drum machines for the Sony PSP handheld game system. The new PSP Rhythm Composer is a simple drum machine with a Roland TR-style interface: PSP Rhythm Composer for PSP [ matrixsynth ] In the meantime, PSP Kick has a new Flash-based Website, though it’s more Flash, less substance. […]

Rack-Mounted Mac Mini Keyboard/Guitar Rig with LCD (Part I)

Christopher Scheidel has created an impressive Mac Mini-based rig for playing keyboards and guitars. He’s documented the whole process at his site Heavylift. There’s a lot to be learned there about how to do it yourself (including taking advantage of cheap LCDs for display), but here are the basic specs: Hardware: Apple Mac Mini 1.2G […]

Korg D4 Compact Flash Four-Track USB Portable Recorder

Up in the sky: it’s a Zoom! It’s a 4-track Portastudio! No, it’s a CompactFlash-based 4-track recorder from Korg. Yes, the march of CF-based recorders continues. Hot on the heels of last week’s look at sub-$400 recorders, here’s another one — with a twist. The Korg D4 is a “complete portable studio,” not just a […]