VeeYou – Free Motion/FCP Studio plugins.

Roger Bolton – Quartz Composer/Core Melt programmer, Quartonian developer and all around motion graphics whiz was kind enough to let us know he has released some free plugins for Motion and Final Cut Studio. VeeYou is a set of audio plugins that animate EQs and AUs. For those of you who VJ with Motion, these […]

Hands On: Major Updates and Fixes in Apple Motion 3.0.1

With all the attention on the other parts of Final Cut Studio 2’s fixes, released in an update yesterday, it’s worth noting some major tweaks to Motion. If you’ve been playing with Motion and found some — erm, kinks, as you tend to get in point-oh releases — this is great news. Motion 3 was […]

Any Visualists Using Motion 3 Yet?

Not your father’s Motion: Have you been working out? Apple’s Motion has been bulking up with powerful new vector paint, match move, and 3D capabilities. In a world crowded with powerful visual-making tools, it’s starting to at last differentiate a unique, Motion-y way of working — one that should be easily combined with other tools […]

Motion 3 – Warp Speed Workflows @ DV Creators

DV has posted a nice quicktime tutorial demonstrating Motion 3’s new motion tracker and match move capability. While not perfect, the motion tracker should save you some time if trying to track objects. Whats quite nice however is the match move capability. Check it out.

Updated MacBook Pro Performance Preview: Better Displays, Faster Visualist Apps, Better 3D

Audio, relying primarily on the CPU, can do fine on the non-pro MacBook: a fast CPU and FireWire 400 can be all you need. But for visualists, the GPU has become more and more vital. The integrated Intel GPU on the MacBooks is surprisingly capable, and certainly gets through basic video mixing. But throw enough […]

Dance + Technology at Ideas in Motion, Boston Cyberarts

I’m boarding a Greyhound bus for Boston and the Ideas in Motion weekend of Boston Cyberarts, two packed days of events on dance, motion, interactive technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented bodies: Boston Cyberarts Festival 2007 – Ideas in Motion: The Body’s Limit If you’re in Boston, stop by and see us! I’ve been preparing two […]

Want Some Imagery With That Sound? Numark AVM02 DJ-VJ Mixer Reviewed on CDMotion

When purchasing an audio mixer, DJs are quite literally spoilt for choice. Visualists are a little constrained though, with only a handful of companies making a couple of vision mixer models each. This situation is improving rapidly though, with companies such as Vixid getting in on the act with their upcoming VJX16-4, and DJ company […]

Create Digital Motion @ Macworld: Visualist Tips, Parties, and flickr Group

I’m here in San Francisco all week at Macworld, a hub not only for the Mac platform but the visualist/VJ scene as well. I’ll be reporting all week (and next, as I catch up) for both CDMotion and CDMusic. This is a huge chance to learn about Flash (Flashforward is hosting a special Macworld edition), […]

Video Salon Macworld/SF: Visual Lounge, Open Jam; Quartz Composer, Jitter, Wii, Motion Workshops

VJ Culture’s awe-inspiring rig. I’ll be toting one black MacBook, by contrast. I’ll try to make the set look like I’ve got more. Some people at Macworld Expo assume “digital art” only means someone working in Photoshop. Thursday night of the show should give them a terrific introduction to live visuals, with plenty to appeal […]