Guiding Movements with Light: New Research Project Teaches You Gestures [Kinect]

“Natural interaction” is the phrase commonly applied to gestural interfaces. But a gesture is only “natural” once you’ve learned it. And as everyone from interaction designers to game makers have discovered, that can leave users confused about just what gesture they’re supposed to make. (Ironically, the maligned conventional game controller doesn’t suffer so much from […]

Dancing in Point Clouds: unnamed soundsculpture, Making Of, and Human Element [Kinect]

Like an animated equivalent of the Transporter on Star Trek, depth-sensing cameras and custom code can transform the human body into 22,000 points, then back again into something our mind again imagines as flesh and alive, even in abstraction. In “unnamed soundsculpture,” by Cedric Kiefer (onformative) and Daniel Franke (wearechopchop), the body takes on a […]

Dead Frogs Dancing: A MIDI-Controlled, Underwater, Reanimated Frog Ballet (Creepy)

Take MIDI remote control, electrical impulses fed to the twitching corpses of dissected frogs, and add water. What you get? Creepy-as-hell “zombie frog ballet,” in a work sent to us by a reader. The work of Shanghai, China artist LuYang (apparently now living in Japan), you can at least take comfort in the fact that […]

From Beautiful Ambient Modern Dance to Dubstep, Gestures to Music in Kinect (Download the Tool)

It started as some compelling demos or proof of concept, but it’s plenty real now: the tools for translating movement, gesture, and dance from the body to interactive music march forward. Empowered by Microsoft’s Kinect and an artist-friendly toolchain, even a single, clever developer can do a lot. Sound designer, music producer, and Max/MSP developer […]

A Kinetic, Experimental Typeface Made by Running Around Cities with GPS

Gallery opening in Berlin, top (photo: Ken Buslay); Klasien among participants from some 13 cities who contributed to the font (photo: Create Digital Motion). With an image in mind of a piece of metal or wood, there’s nothing quite more static in our Imagine typefaces, and your mind probably conjures an image of a piece […]

Drum Kit Playing, Visualized in 3D: Portrait of the Ghost Drummer

Portrait of the ghost drummer from odaibe on Vimeo. You might not have the chance to reflect on it amidst all the delightful noise, but a drummer is engaged in an elaborate choreography as they play. Bartek Szlachcic a.k.a. odaibe found a way to visualize just that dance digitally, in spare, rotating forms in 3D, […]

Augmented Dancing: Musion Eyeliner + vvvv + Kinect

In the latest example of what people are doing with open source Kinect tools and movement, PRICKIMAGE sends a performance that works with the Windows-based vvvv. It’s still a work in process / proof of concept, but I’m really enjoying seeing experiments with this technology. There’s definite potential to be explored. The artists write: I […]

Music Box Creations, with a Pd Score Made from Dance

In a twist on generating music from dance, artist and coder João Pais sends us Pd-generated scores, transformed into twinkling sounds by music boxes. As it happens, the music boxes are the same featured in Friday’s story on Ritornell. The piece is RISS, a “performative installation/concert” produced outdoors in Berlin, with a 30-meter score generated […]

MIDASpaces: Projection Mapping and Interaction Combine for a Responsive Performance Space

The Irish MIDAS collective has brought together programmers, designers, and composers working to fuse traditional and new techniques. Their premiere project is entitled “MIDASpaces,” a kind of dynamic performance space built on projection mapping and responsive interaction. As they describe it: MIDASpaces: An interactive projection mapped space designed for the Creative Arts. Using the Latest […]

loopdiver, Dance + Technology Performance by Troika Ranch, in Full-Length PBS Documentary

Watch the full episode. See more loopdiver: The Journey of a Dance. In a recent documentary, US public-supported broadcaster PBS profiles Troika Ranch, the landmark New York dance company that fuses technology and movement. The collaboration of Dawn Stoppiello and Mark Coniglio, Troika has long been influential in finding ways of working with media. Coniglio’s […]