Ableton Live 7 Preview on Beatportal, and How Much Slice to MIDI Rocks

I’ve already got a big, gold necklace that says “slice 2 midi.” My friend Francis Preve has been working on Live 7 through its development, but he’s finally gotten a break long enough to talk about what’s new in this version: Ableton Live 7 – sneak preview [Beatportal] Being close to the development, what Fran […]

Petition: Akai MPC1000 Owners Want Pad Solution

MPC owners are definitely aficionados of their gear — but, be warned, Akai, they can be just as exacting with their MPC grievances as they are with their MPC love. The Cynic writes us with this news from the MPC community: Not sure if you guys are aware, but Akai has done a really shady […]

Dave Smith Working on New Goodness: Analog Prophet Redux, Drum Machine

What’s that flowing out of this classic synth? Could it be a ghostly life force, ready for incarnation into a modern Prophet — erm, synth, that is? (Hooray for bdu’s lovely Flickr collection of synth ephemera. Dave Smith Instruments, the boutique synth shop responsible for the beloved real analog-meets-digital Evolver line, have been hard at […]

CDM Giveaway Starts Now: Win Free Hardware, Software, Swag, and Link Love

I’m pleased to announce the first-ever CDM Giveaway. We’ve got over US$4,000 of hardware and software tools for music creation, and we’d like to give you the chance to win them. To do that, we’re holding a good, old-fashioned prize drawing — I’ve been warming up my true random number generator — so that all […]

Akai MPK49 Keyboard: Keyboard Controller, MPC, Arpeggiator Love Child

Me-too 49-key controllers have been mind-numbingly dull for the most part. The new Akai MPK49, revealed in Frankfurt at Messe, easily qualifies as different. Not only does it add trigger pads as found on the MPC line, but there’s an onboard arpeggiator, functionality borrowed from the MPC, and additional MIDI control options, as well. It’s […]

Dave Smith BoomChik Official Details: Drum Machine, not MPC

Dave Smith Instruments originally planned only to tease their upcoming drum machine exclusively in a banner at the NAMM show: no word outside the insider trade show. Not in the Internet age: word of a new product from synth legend Dave Smith and drum machine/MPC legend quickly had blogs and forums abuzz. Dave Smith himself […]

MPC Bling: Complete Technique’s Audio Jewelry, White Gold and Jewel MPC 3000

Love your audio gear so much you wish you could wear it around your neck, but a loudspeaker on your throat would a) strangle you and b) make you look like too much of a dork to attend high-society functions? Complete Technique jewelers feels you. From sterling silver turntable cartridges plated in gold with embedded […]

Jamie Lidell Interview: Trancing on Theremin, Rocking MPC and PC

Singer and electronic one-man band Jamie Lidell has a great interview from Belgium’s Domino Festival. Jamie speaks from the back seat of a Volvo station wagon to a phantom interviewer. He reflects on performance, trance states (people tell him he does weird things with his eyes onstage), and getting “deeper” live. There’s also some great […]