Harmonic Motion Creates Musical Patterns, in New Abstract work by Memo Akten

Digital artist and imagineer Memo Akten, known for beautiful work like his dazzling, sparkling open source fluid library, has lately turned his attention to intersections of visual motion and musical pattern. In a series of etudes, he applies simple, sinusoidal motion to musical patterning. That is, as abstract waves flow on the screen, they trigger overlaid patterns of rhythm, notes spilling out as waves intersect. Experimenting with an idea and iterating in simple form helps Memo develop the idea here – and gives us a chance to experience that evolution by browsing the variations, as seen in splendid form below. …


Android MIDI Controller, Musical App Updates with MIDI Over Wifi

Okay, Google Android fans — your apps are starting to arrive, especially as Google continues to improve the SDK. First up, here’s a demo of the new app FingerPlay MIDI, which turns Android into a simple touch controller. True, we’ve seen similar things on iPhone, and Apple’s platform has precise multitouch which Android lacks, but it’s nice to see the concept extended across platforms. Big thanks to postromantic on Twitter for the tip! (Follow cdmblogs for more.) FingerPlay MIDI I can’t tell yet if this will be open source – that would actually be nice, I think, as it’d allow …