52 Tracks in 52 Weeks: Starting 2014 for Producers

You say you want a resolution? Calendar years may be largely arbitrary deadlines, but arbitrary deadlines can be a boon to creativity. Online community Weekly Beats is again launching a project for producers that invites them to upload new music tracks every week for the year. By the end of 2014, it means each artist […]

Happy New Year; Nominees for Stories Everyone Missed?

Happy New Year, everyone. We’re taking the day off, but while we’re putting together a year-end review of musical technology and invention, any nominees for stories that fell under the radar, that people might have missed? DIY projects, unique tools, or anything of the sort welcome; we do appreciate your ideas, as always. Let us […]

Frogs Celebrate the Arrival of 2013

Gunshop | Hoppy New Year from Gunshop on Vimeo. Create Animal Motion? Stacy Nimmo, founder and creative director of San Francisco-based motion shop Gunshop sends over their New Years’ creation. This is a bit too cute not to post. And I like nerding out about number sequences. (Composing with pitch sets this year, anyone?) As […]

Happy New Year with Augmented Reality, Flying Words of Wisdom

Need some New Year inspiration on several levels? dickypan points to this brilliant New Year’s video. It’ll make you feel good about all dimensions of 2009. Motion graphics fly out of augmented reality, triggered by small objects on the screen. The work is based on an open source framework. Here it’s running in Flash, as: […]

Happy New Year Stop Action, From Karsten Schmidt

Happy 2009! from postspectacular on Vimeo. I can’t say it any better than this. A big Happy New Year to the planet. 2009 looks to be a breakout year for Create Digital Motion, with all we’ve got planned – starting with helping you get on top of your New Years’ Resolutions tomorrow as we start […]