Hotel Room Studio: NIN’s Rack-Mounted Dual G5s

No, not G5s with dual processors: think racks filled with two Power Mac G5s. Composer Justin McGrath tips us off that Nine Inch Nails’ current photolog has a rack-mounted Power Mac G5, as we’ve discussed today and earlier today: nine inch nails: current [] Apparently taken in a hotel room, Trent Reznor, Saul Williams, and […]

Remix and Mash Nine Inch Nails: Now on Multiple Windows/Mac Apps

Artists letting you rethink or destroy their work? You bet — Trent is at it again. When Nine Inch Nails released their single The Hand That Feeds in GarageBand 2.0 format, it was a huge hit. Hundreds of fans posted remixes in the first week after the release. But Windows users — and even GarageBand […]

Inside NIN’s Studio on Audiohead

As readers pointed out, I got things a bit wrong on what Trent Reznor uses in the studio: it’s not a matter of Pro Tools OR Logic. It’s Pro Tools AND Logic AND Reaktor and Absynth and Traktor and GRM Tools and three Macs and three interfaces (with high-end HD Digi hardware) and a Minimoog […]

Mashing Nine Inch Nails in GarageBand; NIN Doesn’t Use Logic

I’ve been playing with the Nine Inch Nails track (reported by many, many sites in the last few days: NIN made their new single available in GarageBand 2.0 format). I have to say, this is a lot of fun. To me, the song sounds better with more tracks muted: the lesson here is, all of […]