Intermorphic Mixtikl Arrives: Mobile and Desktop Generative, Creative Music Suite

Oh, yeah. It’s deep. To keep a cool head, perhaps put on "Music for Airports" on loop while you read through the tutorials. Musicians and composers have long dreamt of computers and mobiles playing music that changes on its own, rather than playing static, pre-determined scores. But to actually pull it off, you need a […]

iPhone News: iDrum, BtBx In; Mixtikl Out Citing Apple Rules

Some good news, some bad news for iPhone/iPod Touch owners. (For everyone who doesn’t care, we’ll be consolidating iPhone news from here on out so you can safely ignore it.) Good news: iZotope’s mobile version of iDrum is here (seen above). It’s a nifty $5 toy, though some restrictions, including the lack of audio export, […]

Peter Kirn - August 11, 2008

Noatikl Generative Music Engine Pricing Lowered: $99

Noatikl, a new generative music engine, generated some interest when we looked at it earlier this week. I’ve just heard from the creator that after receiving some feedback on the pricing, they’ve chosen to launch it at a lower price point than originally announced: US$99 "for non-commercial use of a single noatikl variant for a […]

Peter Kirn - December 20, 2007

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