Numark's NuVJ, US$300 DJ-Style MIDI Controller + VJ Software

(Update: I bought one of these controllers soon after they became available in Australia, and found that it had some compatibility issues with various VJ software. Definitely try before you buy. Jaymis.) Numark launched their NuVJ VJ product, a combination of a DJ-style MIDI controller with software from Arkaos, back at Musikmesse in April. The […]

Messe: Could iDJ2 iPod Mixer Please Even Those Sick of iPods?

If you’re like me, your head is about to explode from iPod overload. Can you still find something about a new iPod DJ mixer to love? Maybe: this one lets you connect other players and USB storage and scratch, change pitch, and loop. It might even appeal as a portable scratcher/sampler. And you can use […]

Please, Stop the iPod DJ Mixers / iTunes DJing. Now.

They just won’t learn. Phonic proudly tells us: “The all new Phonic MixPod gives every Disc Jockey what they require: a way to stream their iPod’s music directly into a quality, no-hassle 2-channel DJ mixer.” The MixPod shares the fundamental shortcomings of Numark’s slicker-looking but equally flawed iDJ. Because of the limitations of the iPod, […]

Numark’s $99 Portable Turntable, Torture Tested in the Burning Man Desert

CDM’s resident spinner, DJ Eldorado, brings us a review of Numark’s ultra-portable, US$99 turntable, the PT01. But he didn’t just see if it could pass muster in his bedroom: he preferred more extreme conditions. Here’s his full review:

Numark iDJ Confirmed for September; Still Can’t Scratch iPod

Numark has posted full details of their US$399-list iPod DJ mixer on their site; check out the product details and specs, or see their PDF product overview and FAQ. Yes, those controls work on the iPod, the dock charges the Pods, and you can upload music onto the iPod via USB. No, there’s no new […]

NAMM: Numark Launches iDJ Mixer for iPod at $399

Updated – Numark confirmed the story, and expects volume shipments to begin in September. See the updated story. -PK GearJunkies reports that Numark has released the rumored DJ mixer for the iPod. (Updated: Looks like the original link is on the Spanish site Abizu, linked on Engadget.) Some juicy details: Big controls for iPod scroll […]

Analysis — iDJ: The Pro iPod Dock?

So the iDJ is real and shipping by Christmas, eh? As regular readers know, this site was host to some seriously annoyed turntablists and hardcore DJs when we first carried word of an iPod DJ mixer. (Ironically, the original scoop was on a vinyl-centric site.) But now that the iDJ may actually be here, I […]

What Could You Do With Numark’s iPod Mixer?

What could you do with Numark's prototype iPod mixer, if it were actually built? (photo nabbed by German site WebBeatz) Here are some ideas: Charge and load: With dock connectors, you could power your iPod through the night Sample, scratch: Numark's use of short-length samplers (as on the shipping 5000FX) will demand new chops for […]

Analysis: Prototype Numark iPod DJ Mixer

Details have leaked out about a prototype Numark DJ mixer that can mix two iPods. I know what you're thinking: Wow, what a scoop! Where are the lawyers? Is it a fake? In fact, in a gesture of spectacularly poor industrial secrecy, it seems Numark showed off an early prototype at the Musikmesse show in […]

Numark 5000FX: Tricked-out 5-channel Mixer

Okay, hard-core DJs disappointed by Numark's new iPod DJ prototype: Numark isn't just about Pod-weilding newbies. They've got the tricked-out mixer for the die-hard in you, too. The new 5000FX, also shown at Musikmesse, is an analog-digital hybrid: 5-channel analog mixing meets digital effects and sampling: 35-second sampler Trigger, loop, pitch-bend, crossfade, reverse your sounds […]