52 Tracks in 52 Weeks: Starting 2014 for Producers

You say you want a resolution? Calendar years may be largely arbitrary deadlines, but arbitrary deadlines can be a boon to creativity. Online community Weekly Beats is again launching a project for producers that invites them to upload new music tracks every week for the year. By the end of 2014, it means each artist […]

BOSS Pedal Sketch: BOSS Stompboxes as Free iPhone Download

The BOSS Pedal Sketch application, a free download today for iPhone and iPod touch, probably isn’t what you think it is – but it is a novel concept in mobile apps, and a sign of some of the new ideas to be explored. If your first thought was that this is a handheld set of […]

Organizing Your Music Life: Minim 1.1 for Mac

We’ve already been exchanging some great tips for organizing your life, both musical and mundane. On the musical side, one of the most compelling software tools just got a big update today: Minim: Music Management for Musicians This elegant, very Mac-like utility organizes your songs, storing lyrics and audio/MIDI files and letting you track metadata […]

Teaser: Tools for Organizing Your Multiple Creative and Mundane Lives

FreelancingThingsDone (FTD): Where Your Next Action May Be Your Last. Here in the US, it’s almost tax time for anyone who lacks an accountant and procrastinates. That’s all the more reason to consider tools for keeping your life together, from mundane stuff that has to get done to musical and creative materials that keep you […]