Here are some space-y solar Moog sounds by Erika

Yes, it’s the end of the week. Time to chill out. Time to let our friend Erika from Detroit help us to drift like a cosmic butterfly into some nice solar drift, held aloft by the delicate siren song of that new Moog semi-modular thing we’re all kinda eyeing lustfully. Oops, sorry, lost my train […]

Ableton Does an Event: Loop to be “Summit for Music Makers”

They moved from one flagship software product to adding one piece of flagship hardware. Now there’s a flagship event, too. It’s called “Loop,” and it will be held 30 October – 1 November in Ableton’s headquarter city of Berlin. It’s clearly in part a summit for the Ableton Live community. But just as their recent […]

Hack Into MusicMakers’ Future in Berlin [CTM Open Call]

Happy New Year, from the future. It’s too late for sci-fi movies with a dateline of 2013. If you want something futuristic, you’ll just have to get to work. That’s what we’re doing in Berlin at CTM Festival later this month, with some of our favorite artists and engineers and designers and artist-engineer-designers. And we’d […]

78 Minutes of HD Audiovisual Immersion: Ableton + Resolume, Live Across Media

Procrastinatus Part I from on Vimeo. Procrastinatus Part II from on Vimeo. A/V crew Procrastinatus send us their latest: it’s over an hour of a live set, fusing stylish silver-and-monochrome abstract visual loops with tightly-composed sounds. The project is the work of Emil Bardh, Olof Schröder, Emmanuel and Jonatan Moreno, working in the […]

Performing Audiovisualists: Visionsonic Festival Streaming Live, 29th-31st October

I think that live streaming will play a big part in the future of music performance. Having spent an entire year of my life driving and flying around just to be able to reach new audiences in a single country, it pains me to think how comparatively simple it would have been to organize streaming […]

Streaming Audiovisualism: Visionsonic Festival 29th-31st October

Speaking of live production and projection, French audiovisual festival Visionsonic 2009 starts today, kicking off with a live music/foley performance of The Odyssey of Rick the Cube. L’Odyssée de Rick le cube (extraits du spectacle) from Jesse Lucas on Vimeo. This year’s festival has an awesome international lineup, streaming for 20 hours in the next […]

Handmade Music Spreads to Austin, Teaches You Awesomeness, Andromeda-Style

Autonomous bassline generators? Wireless, modular, infrared sync? Tiny drum machines networking together? Welcome to Texas, and the minds of Eric Archer, Bleep Labs, 4ms Pedals, the Church of the Friendly Ghost, and Andromeda Space Rockers. One look at a floor full of blinking circuits, and most ladies and gentleman might assume they’ve stumbled upon some […]

Modeselektor + Apparat + Visuals from Pfanderei = Moderat

Moderat caught my eye tonight, as I rather like their roadcase/sets design: Digging a little deeper though, and I realised that they’re a rather sexy collaboration between Modeselektor and Apparat, with a luscious studio DVD and live visuals produced by Pfanderei. The live show looks lovely, with 3 rear-projected, portrait-oriented screens silhouetting the artists and […]

From Vixid.Noisepages: Flamingo Crash Live/Studio Music Video for Sister Sister

For one of the final Game On performances, Melbourne’s “spiky electro pop” group Flamingo Crash came along and rocked out in front of a bunch of security cameras, and alongside their visual collaborator Simulcast with his Tagtool. They enjoyed the live footage so much that they commissioned me to edit it as an “offical” music […]

MGFest in Austin, Texas – Motion + Sound + Code; Open Collaboration Summit

MGFest in Chicago. Photo courtesy Psymbolic. "MGFest (Motion Graphics Festival) continues its tour of the US, opening tonight in Austin, Texas. The conference is still $7 total for all the live events and the conference itself. For the workshops, you add $240 a day (bulk discounts available) – but that means that, if you’re low […]