Crazy Handmade Musical Creations from the Mister Resistor Ensemble

I’ve always been fascinated with the evolution of species. Ever seen those bizarre, short-lived organisms in textbooks, the ones that look like they have twelve eyes and a hundred really tall legs and a spindly tail that serves no purpose? I feel the same way about new instruments, interfaces, and music software. Sometimes it’s the […]

Online Grain Silo Music Performance, on the Silophone

Photographer Diana Shearwood took these images in a haunting photoessay documenting the Silophone. (Yes, “haunting” and “grain silo” can go together.) See the “Reservoir” section of the Silophone site. Music itself may be ephemeral, but it’s deeply connected to the spaces in which it’s performed and heard. You’ll notice that space all the more readily […]

Theremin Cover of Gnarls Barkley Crazy, avec Moog et MPC

Yes, the Theremin can sound bluesy. In case you haven’t seen this, here’s a wonderfully-done rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy, on Moog Etherwave Pro (recently discontinued, sadly, though maybe it’ll come back in some form), iZotope Trash for effects, Akai MPC1000, Moog Minimoog Voyager, and … actually, not sure about the keyboard. Got distracted by […]

NYC: Rocking Robots, They Might Be Giants

They might be … robots. Yipes, they might be Cylons. Cylons look like us now! Run! Robosonic Eclectic: Morton Subotnik, They Might Be Giants, and robotic musical instruments on the same bill? That … doesn’t happen very often. But it does happen this weekend, starting tonight. With a lineup that includes They Might Be Giants, […]

CDMland Banner, Calling SF/Makers for Chips + Music + Fish Party, Music @ Robotspeak

MAKE:Magazine and Create Digital Music will co-host the Chips + Fish + Music Maker Faire Party next Saturday in San Francisco. But before we get to that, I have to share the latest design from CDM’s visual artist Nat Jeanneret (the reason CDM looks the way it does, and the blogger behind onetonnemusic): If you […]

Bjork + ReacTable and Lemur = Tangible Interactive Musical Fun

Being an international music superstar means you can tour with whatever fun toys you like. In the case of Bjork’s new Volta tour, that means the JazzMutant Lemur multi-touch interface and, even more fun, the fantastic reacTable, a research project involving projection and multiple objects for a tangible interactive table experience! CDM reader Mike Cohen […]

NASA Yuri’s Night Rave: Space is the Place

Adding to our running tally of totally geeky events, electronic musician Chachi Jones writes with a report from the Yuri’s Night party at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Sure, Yuri’s Night events, in honor of the great space explorer cosmonaut, take place all over the world. But when it hits Ames, you get a full-blown rave […]

Circuit-Bent Events: Bent Fest NYC Now; Bent Notes from LA and MN

Bent gear aplenty in Minnesota, in this Flickr photo from circuitmaster (GetLoFi). The Bent Festival, a celebration of music electronic, circuit-bent, and otherwise technologically manipulated, reaches its final US city starting tonight (Thursday) through Saturday, with three days and nights of music and workshops. Check out the lineup on the Bent NYC site; I’ll be […]

Funky Music Art: 28 Gig Posters in 28 Days Complete

Nat “funnelbc”, creator of the CDM logo and graphic appearance, took on a project the rest of us at Team CDM thought was completely insane: