Best $100 Spent at NAMM: Novation’s Nocturn Controller is Liz’s Pick

NAMM had plenty of new goodies, but what do we actually want to buy? Here’s Liz’s top pick (high on my list, as well). -PK No, it’s not an advertising campaign for Ableton Live if that’s what you’re wondering. The Live-like logos that pop up onto your screen when you start using the Novation Nocturn […]

Messe Winners and Losers: International Press Pick their Fave Gear

I’d like to thank the Academy . . . Yes, it’s that time of year when the entire global music press put their heads together to pick their favorite products. It’s a bit like an Editor’s Choice, only with all the editors. The results sometimes lack nuance, and I wouldn’t take them as product advice, […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Music and Books

Looking for gifts for others, or yourself? Or a way to drop hints about what you want? CDM is here to help. Next up for digital musicians ready to give and receive: music with a conscience, and books worth reading, many suitable as stocking stuffers.

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Digital Music Picks from

Online exclusive: Kicking off this week’s guide to holiday gifts, Theresa Orlando joins us from Female Theresa’s site and studio help young female musicians like vocalist Ashley Jewdy (shown) hone their craft and digital studio skills. Theresa brings us some of her favorite picks for musicians, including a book/video on breathing technique for singers, […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gift Guides on the Web

Readers sent in so many ideas for gifts that I’m still digging through them; watch today/tomorrow. But here’s the latest from some of CDM’s favorite sites. And if your favorite gifts didn’t make the cut, there’s still time to email me / hit comments. Music thing Gift Guide (pictured): Just in case your wallet escaped […]

Gorgeous USB-to-MIDI Adapter

MIDI is still a reality of life for connecting all kinds of instruments. The most compact MIDI adapters act basically like a MIDI-to-USB cable, but many of those are 1-in / 1-out only and look ugly as hell. Romio from Reflex is different: 1-In, 2-Out (for 32, count `em, channels), and it's simply gorgeous, at […]