Beatles, Harmonix Collaborate on New Game; Let’s Hope it’s a Real Trip

We all live … here. Photo: “DJ” Dave Whelan. It’s official: we had heard rumblings that game maker Harmonix was about to announce something, and it’s here. It’s a collaboration directly with the Beatles to make something that isn’t Rock Band or Guitar Hero — something completely new. And something completely new is exactly what’s […]

PS4VJ: Homebrew VJ Software on PlayStation 2 Game Systems

London-based, French-born VJ and artist Pikilipita doesn’t touch laptops. He shows up at live visual gigs toting game systems. Having built mobile projects for the Game Boy Advanced and Linux-based GamePark GP2X, he’s now got a new machine: a Barbie-pink PlayStation 2. Novelty this may be, but don’t think that PS24VJ can’t hack it as […]

Composers We Love: Nitin Sawhney Scores ‘Heavenly Sword’ PS3 Game

Electronic musicians, gamers, and fans of the Asian Underground movement will be pleased to hear that noted composer/producer Nitin Sawhney has composed the soundtrack for the anticipated PS3 title ‘Heavenly Sword’. Sawhney is best known for his Mercury Prize-winning album ‘Beyond Skin’, his production of the Cirque du Soleil soundtrack for ‘Varekei’, and his recent […]

Guitar Hero Controller Hacked for the Commodore 64

Devotees of the SID sound chip in the Commodore 64 will love this. A new project called Shredz64 promises to create a working version of Guitar Hero with the C64’s vintage sounds, and will unlock the ability to use other PS2 controllers, as well. We’ve seen various hardware hacks to provide better I/O and simple […]

Back to the future: MIDI in Game Audio

Joystick has a quick report from a GDC lecture presented by Jason Page and Michael Kelly from Sony, discussing the future of ‘next-generation audio’ on the PS3. What’s interesting about their take is that they believe that use of highly customized sample sets and MIDI can provide a much more interactive and adaptive approach to […]

Creating Guitar Hero: Josh Randall on Bringing Interactive Music to the Masses, Future of Music Games

The UK Sony PlayStation site has posted Josh Randall’s keynote at the Cybersonica arts fest in London. Josh Randall, a sometimes CDM reader (still out there, Josh?), is Creative Director of Harmonix, the groundbreaking game shop that created Guitar Hero and other interactive music games like Amplitude, Frequency (pictured), and (soon) Guitar Hero II. Interview […]

Cybersonica: Open Source Fijuu Makes Music in 3D, Navigating with a PS2 Controller

The 3D cards that power games are increasingly enabling new interfaces for music, merging the visual and aural realms. One of the most stunning experiments yet is the Fijuu, which just premiered in its second-generation form as a commission for Cybersonica sound art show in London. (Earlier versions have been seen around since 2004.) Fijuu […]

Music as Game: Guitar Hero Ships (+ Hackable Controller?)

According to the folks at Penny Arcade, Guitar Hero has started to hit stores. A look at the guitar-playing game, and hints for hacking it into Max/MSP, after the break: Guitar Hero [Official Game Site]