Plogue Releases Bidule Version 0.9685: OSC, Wave Monitor in “The Other Patcher”

The Latest Version of Bidule features an OSC Monitor and WaveViewer. Ed.: Plogue Bidule is an unusual animal: this affordable patching tool resists conventional ways of doing things, down to its hatred of the number “1.0.” But Plogue has an underground following inside the already-underground world of modular patching tools for creative music. I’ve invited […]

Video: Remixing The Roots on a Monome

PEMF Sessions: Pilot from Primus Luta on Vimeo. It’s a bit trippy as you make your way through the opening of this video, which features a spooky song and, awesomely, a hooded man who has replaced his face with a certain hit open source controller. (“Darling, wake up, you’re shouting the names of Max/MSP patches […]

Universal Binary Watch: Arturia Minimoog, Arturia CS-80V, SampleTank, Plogue Bidule, More

You’ve waited. You’ve suffered. Some of you bought Intel Macs and couldn’t run your plug-ins. Others have been holding off on that slick new MacBook while your PowerBook dies a slow, prolonged death. Finally, though, the final wave of plug-ins are coming to the Intel Macs. There are still more to come, but the pace […]