Mobile Small form factor HDMI/HD recording – record your HD gigs in .. HD!

Cineform last week announced a concept video recorder which may (ok, lets be honest, WILL) prove to be incredibly useful to the VJ market. The Cineform Direct to Disk recorder looks mightily impressive – with HDMI input and passthrough, audio input, and an incredibly small for factor (think Mac Mini but 1/3 the height), it […]

Free Wavosaur: Wonderful Windows Audio Editor with VST

Wavosaur is a free audio editor for Windows that just hit version 1.0. It’s really good stuff: not only is it free, but the whole app is tiny (488kb), it’s designed to fit on a portable USB key, it hosts VSTs, and it’s an elegant waveform editor reminiscent of early versions of SoundForge. Even if […]

Oculon Pocket Projector – SVGA Projector in your pocket

The Oculon Pocket Projector Pro 920 and 1440 are.. well.. actual pocket projectors. Available in December the tiny projectors pack 640×480 VGA for the 920 ($299) and 800×600 SVGA for the 1440 ($399), and literally fit in the palm of your hand. The 1440 sports both composite and VGA (D-SUB 15 pin) inputs connections, while […]

Updated PSP Slim at E3 – Now with video output support

This could be an very interesting option for VJ’s. Sony has updated the PSP line with some nice additions, slimmer (thus the PSP Slim moniker), longer battery life and decreased load times. But, we dont really care about those. What we care about is video output support: Adding a video-out port(*1) enables new PSP users […]