Tutorial on Breaking Free of Synth Presets

Being an electronic musician is doubly challenging — on top of learning musical skills, the technology is basically an instrument to be learned. Regular CDM tipster Michael Weeks has put together what has to be the most condensed guide to synthesizer programming I’ve ever seen. Beginners, if you aren’t quite ready to dive into a […]

Free/Cheap Soundware for Ableton Live: Covert Operators Goes Prime-Time

The Covert Operators now have their own Website, and they’re filling it up with tons of sound content for Ableton Live. You may recall the excellent free Covert Operators preset library (most of them for Ableton’s Operator synth); it’s back and newly-updated, for a total of 700 nicely-organized presets. On top of that is the […]

LifeFills “Point-Five”: Updated Content for Ableton Live 5

Ableton has finally packed some great presets into Live 5, but it’s a far cry from the amount of instrumental/sample and effects content built into something like Reason. That’s why we’re such great fans of Track Team Audio and their libraries of additional content for Live. Live 5 totally changes how presets work (that’s a […]

More Free Operator Sounds: Covert Operators 3

Seems I slept through this, but the good folks on the Ableton forum have come up with still more great patches for Ableton’s Operator synth. The good news: it sounds like these patches will work with Live 5. The better news: Live 5’s device chaining capabilities will bring cooler, wetter effects, silencing critics of Operator […]