All-in-One Linux Recording Device: Just the First of New Mobile Devices?

UPDATED: I’ve gotten additional details straight from the source, with specifics on specs, design concept, and software from the Trinity device’s creators; see our updated report. has an extended report on a new all-in-one recording device built with Linux; it’s been met by skeptical readers at Engadget and Music thing. There’s little point in […]

Red Camera is Coming; Full-Size Sensor Working

Via Video Thing, it looks like the dreamy Red digital cinema camera is on track to becoming a real piece of gear: Mysterium sensor at dvxuser The Red Digital Camera has caused a lot of fuss; in theory, it certainly sounds great: the creators want to “design and build a high performance digital cine camera […]

More Novation XioSynth Details: Bargain Mono Synth/Controller

Updated: The XioSynth is, in fact, 8-voice polyphonic, says Rob Jones from Novation’s UK headquarters. Rob explains why we got the message that it was monophonic: “It’s monotimbral (i.e., one program at a time), but each patch has 8-note polyphony.” There you have it. Also, check out comments for plenty of discussion as people ponder […]

Frederic Chopin, The Video Game, Coming to Xbox 360

Here we are, a site that regularly follows unusual gaming – music crossovers, and I don’t think we could ever have imagined anything this odd: a video game in which you play as Frédéric Chopin (yes, the one you’re thinking of), fighting disease with magical powers in a dream world: Chopin’s Dream Screens at Kotaku […]

$15 Wavetable Collection for NI Absynth: Architecture

Preset libraries are rarely designed with the avid sound designer in mind. Usually what you get is overdesigned patches that don’t really work for your music. Andrew Souter sends an interesting collection today, however: a $15 library for Native Instruments’ Absynth synth with 1,000 wavetables (single-cycle waveforms, the building blocks of lots of classic digital […]

Kinetic 2: Inexpensive Windows Groovebox with Roland Sounds

Kinetic 2 is here for Windows, and it looks promising not only as a way of getting beginners into music making, but as a really good buy on soft synths for everyone else, as well — especially at US$80.

13-inch Intel MacBooks Arrive, Starting at $1099; Pluses, Caveats

Apple has come through with Intel-based MacBook laptops (replacing the iBook), and the bottom line is, they’re a terrific bargain. As a portable music machine, unless you prefer bigger screens, it’s hard to go wrong with these computers. The only big downsides: black costs you extra, and like the mini before them, the integrated graphics […]