Reason 9 is available to download now.

Why you should care that Reason 9 just arrived

Reason 9 is here, updating that singular virtual rack of instruments and effects combined with song recording and arrangement. And a quick look at the features will likely have some people saying “fine, sure, but my DAW can already do that.” But – exactly. And also – can it, really? Because Reason has a of doing things in a, well, Reason-y way – one that keeps its die-hard fans uniquely loyal. And it sometimes has a way of doing things best.


Hard-core Reason Lover Gets Tattoo?

Who says only hardware gets music people hot and bothered? Tom at Music thing reports that one reader has gotten a Reason tattoo. Will we find out the whole thing is a fake, part of some crazy marketing stunt? Or are people really that cuckoo for Reason? (Synth studios seem to generate more passionate feelings than DAWs, at the very least, perhaps because they feel more like instruments and less like studio tools. We’ve already got a pretty decent split on CDM between Reason lovers and those who have moved on.) Updated: It’s real. Read the full story on Flickr. …