FlyLoops: In-Development Live Looper, Phrase Sampler Tool

Loopers and phrase samplers can be fun tools, but odds are you’ve wished a hardware or software looper would work more musically. Aaron Leese has designed a prototype system, combining a piece of USB hardware, wireless USB pedals, and Windows software, that intends to do just that: Imagine seeing a musician who could play a […]

New Prototype Controllers for Ableton Live; Brushed Aluminum with Knobs, Joystick

Looking quite handsomely like 70s stereophile equipment, a couple of prototype Ableton controllers have shown up on the website of Kenton, the UK MIDI manufacturer: Kenton Electronics MIDI Controllers; AB mini (shown left) and AB DJ (right) Via Gearjunkies, who I swear are wired directly into some sort of psychic network that tells them when […]

New Synth, Imagined in Product Renderings: Sonoric

The Web is buzzing about some sketchy details of a pre- pre- pre-production synth from a new company called Sonoric Instruments. There are some preliminary sound samples and lovely product renders: hey, if nothing else, these guys can make some attractive imaginary case designs.