Updated PSP Slim at E3 – Now with video output support

This could be an very interesting option for VJ’s. Sony has updated the PSP line with some nice additions, slimmer (thus the PSP Slim moniker), longer battery life and decreased load times. But, we dont really care about those. What we care about is video output support: Adding a video-out port(*1) enables new PSP users […]

PSPSeq 1.0: Homebrew Music Tracker/Synth on PSP; Why Won’t Sony Go Homebrew?

Sony PSP users: turned off by new-fangled graphical drum machines and wireless Ableton Live controllers? Want to kick it oldskool with a tracker? Check out PSPSeq, which has now matured to version 1.0 (from 0.2). Here’s what’s new: editable parameters on instruments customizable instrument groupings multiple loops/song sequence tap tempo multiple audio presets, new generators/fx […]

Songs in the Key of PSP: PSP Rhythm 6.1, Song Contest

Make your PSP into a beatbox and turn it into a Speak & Spell — cool! PSP Rhythm, the homebrew drum machine for the PSP, just keeps on rolling. The song contest I covered in July is now complete. Ah, but what kind of music can you create with a lowly PSP homebrew app? Something […]

Control Ableton Live Wirelessly with a Sony PSP: Now Available for Download, Free

We saw wireless MIDI and mouse control via the Sony PSP, the creation of media artist and hacker Rob King. Now Rob writes to say he’s finished the first release of his software for controlling Ableton Live directly from PSP, and it’s available as a free download. PLAYLIVE IS HERE [Rob King’s E-mu.org] The Ableton […]

PSP Rhythm 6: Samples, Skins, Solo, Stretch, More; Song Writing Contest

Louie Iturzaeta writes to say PSP Rhythm has now hit version 6.0 with lots of new features. It’s pretty incredible to watch this application grow. I know we have some readers using this, so here’s what’s new: New user interface with programming grid, graphical knobs for parameters, oscilloscope. Sample Loading from Pattern Mode with up […]

More from Cybersonica: Shredded Paper Music Boxes, PSPs, and Shadow Puppets

Since I couldn’t be at Cybersonica in London, some of the fabulously imaginative sound art slipped through the cracks. Here’s a brief look at the remaining pieces: Schizoporotica is a music box that plays torn scraps of paper. The object itself is quite gorgeously decorated, and it looks like people had great fun tearing up […]

PSP Sequencer in Development; 2.60 Firmware Hacked

Okay, Sony PSP owners: get ready to make still more noise. We’ve just seen another major release for the superb PSP Rhythm 3 drum machine. Now, get ready for a PSP sequencer: PSP Seq Ver 0.00 has begun development with basic sequencing functionality all in place. Features are bare-bones — song and sound design functionality […]

Your Sony PSP on PSP Rhythm 3: A Serious Portable Drum Machine

And they say the PSP doesn’t have a killer app. PSP Rhythm, the homebrew drum machine software for Sony’s portable game console, is getting updated at an astounding rate. New in version 3.0: start/end points for drum samples (a critical feature), warped drum sounds with a reverse feature, and wave file output. Audio output is […]