Free Tangible Tracking: reacTIVision 1.4 Here, TUIO2 Coming Soon

reacTIVision is able to work thanks to these alien-looking markers called “fluidicials.” Karsten Schmidt aka toxi has developed software for creating more of these markers, and it generates characters like this “teddy bear” seen here. Computer vision for tracking movement is cool. But add the ability to track actual objects, and you can extend the […]

Psychosynth: Free 3D Music Interface, as a Virtual Reactable

The idea of the Reactable is to make music tangible, with control of sound mapped to physical objects you move around on a table. But that hasn’t stopped the Psychosynth from creating a virtual version. (Upside: it’s a lot more portable.) Psychosynth Watch the video, but they seem to have made the opening minutes as […]

Mod271: Zoomable, Graphical, Modular Sound Playground

Take the modular, patchable sound-making capabilities of Reaktor and (at the other end of the scale) Reason, and combine it with a graphical, zoomable, nodal interface with patch cords showing actual signal, as on the reacTable interactive table interface, and you should get something like Mod271. (Pronounced “mode.”) The software is in pre-pre-alpha phase, but […]