Motion-Controlled, Motion-Tracked, Single-Shot Music Video: Cowper – Morning Prayer

Hello CDMo! Long time no post! Apologies for my extended reclusion. In between buying a house and changing full time jobs from Web Guy to Video Guy, it’s been an exciting time to be a Jaymis. Happily, I now find myself in an ideal situation: Working as part of a small team, on interesting and […]

RED Digital Camera, Meet Sony Vegas 9: First Impressions

No, you’re not imagining things. That is in fact 4096-pixel-wide footage you’re editing, right in Sony Vegas. What happens when digital cinematography meets a favorite desktop video editing app for mortals? When our friend Nathanaël Lécaudé, also a talented multitouch developer, said he had encountered some work with RED, I was really curious to know […]

Red Announces a Professional Pocket Camera, 4K Projectors, 4K Displays

Mike has reported some new facts from RED on HD4NDS, concerning the next moves for this industry-challenging company. 1.) A “professional pocket camera” – also referred to elsewhere as a handheld camera 2.) A “new line of 4K projectors” 3.) A “new line of 4K displays” I asked “Plural on both?” he said “Plural on […]

RED News from Mike in the RED Booth at NAB

HD4NDS’ Mike has been working at the RED booth at NAB, and has a post filled with exclusive stuff, including a short film Peter Jackson shot with the cameras, new RED products coming, and photos with production versions of the camera. Check it out! [tags]RED, cameras, NAB, HD4NDS, HDV, HD[/tags]

NAB News: Final Cut Studio 2

We’ll have more complete coverage once we have more time, but incase you’ve missed the news, Apple has announced Final Cut Pro 6, Compressor 4, Cinema Tools 4, Motion 3, Soundtrack 2, Color (formerly Final Touch 2K), and Final Cut Server (yes, server). Highlights include multi format timeline in FCP 6.0, Surround sound mixing in […]

Clean Out Behind the Couch Cushions: RED Digital Cinema Camera Pricing Released

It seems that the wait is almost over for those wanting to shoot cinema-quality footage digitally with a camera that looks like a gun from Aliens. RED have just released their pricelist. The Red One camera with premium production pack. This was never going to be a cheap endeavour. Yes, the camera body is an […]

RED Camera Updates at HD4NDS: First 4K Images, Updated Body, Updated Website, Hype Belief Rising

You go offline for a couple of days and what happens? Only the deluge of RED camera information since it was announced. The Red Digital Cinema website has been updated, and Mike of HD4Indies has been working Red’s booth at IBC and has been furiously blogging his experiences. Red show their footage for the first […]

High Speed Cameras for the People: Slow Motion Video Roundup

I seem to be addicted to slow motion video at the moment. It may be the imminent release of the Red with its promised 120 full frames per second, or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Mythbusters. But all this high speed video showing up on TV has me excited. I’m willing to submit […]