Low-Budget, High-Creativity Tribute: Star Wars Uncut From 15-Second Fan-Made Clips

If it’s not already “viral”, I’m sure it will be soon. Less than a year ago, Casey Pugh – then a developer at Vimeo – invited people to join him in remaking Star Wars, 15 seconds at a time. The final scene was completed on the 25th of February, and they’ve just released “The Escape”, […]

Video Mashed Kutiman Funk: What if All of YouTube Played a Song?

It’s the soul of YouTube. Or at least, YouTube soul, mashed together. In case you haven’t already seen this making its rounds, an epic collection of instructional and jazzy video clips get mushed together into a colossal, remixed funk band. What’s lovely about this is that the results don’t sound like a mash up: they […]

Camp, Remixed: Free Halloween Music Compilation Samples Horror Films

It’s campy horror sounds, remixed into digital music — the perfect way to celebrate the holiday! From our friend TRASH_AUDIO’s Surachai, who’s on the compilation: We have teamed up with Cock Rock Disco to compile a horrific compilation of the very best campy 80’s horror movies ever made, remixed by some of the greatest digital […]

Radiohead Rap by Adam Buxton, Brilliant Commentary on Remixes and TV Rights

I can’t say anything this song doesn’t say brilliantly. Comedian Adam Buxton takes on the Radiohead remix contest with his own entry, which cuts through the hype brings a bit of wit to TV incidental music and remixing alike. And, really, how often do you get to say "Radiohead" and "rap" in the same sentence? […]

Ghostss: NIN Video Remix as an Online, Creative Commons-Powered App

Online remix contests are all the rage these days. User-generated content is becoming this decade’s latest annoying buzzword. But visualist engineer Marco Hinic took a different approach. He didn’t create one video remix. He created an app that can create endless video remixes. Nine Inch Nails Ghosts, meet random visual mash-ups from Creative Commons-licensed online […]

Fair Use, Public Domain, Creative Commons Explained in Videos, Tool

When is it legally permissible to sample and reuse content? What’s in the public domain? And what is this Creative Commons thing about? These questions are perpetually important to anyone in digital media, but there have been a number of resources I’ve come across just in the last few days that may be friendly to […]

A Satirical Remix of “Dum”: Dum and Dummer, in Reason

small.cat, aka Roald Blijleven, has done what I think is a brilliant remix of the Dance Tracks Digital / Dirtybird remix contest track “Dum.” I heard it as satirical, deconstructing the stems into something quite different. I actually laughed out loud at a couple of spots. I realize of course, that mistaking satire is a […]

An Ableton Live-Friendly Remix: Martin Brothers Dancetracksdigital Contest with “Dum”

It’s amazing that, even today, relatively few artists release stems when they want to encourage remixes. A new remix contest with The Martin Brothers’ new track “Dum,” on the Dirtybird label, goes further, by providing not only individual stems, but a full-blown Ableton Live set, completely with warping parameters and even some plug-in inserts. That […]

Radiohead Makes House of Cards Video with 3D Plotting, Processing; Gives You the Data

Who would have imagined seeing a music video on Google Code? Welcome to the new age of data visualization. Radiohead’s new video uses 3D images capture from two scanners – one a close-proximity 3D scanner from Geometric Informatics, another a multiple-laser array for the “exterior scenes” rotating in a 360-degree pattern. That yields just data, […]