Radiohead Remixing: Contest, Full Stems via iTunes and GarageBand

  The era of artists regularly releasing stems for remixing seems imminent. In the meantime, we see occasional examples of artists who get it. Radiohead have a new feature on their tune Nude, promoted with Apple. Purchase stems of a song (that’s by stem, so you pay US$0.99 * 5 stems + 1 full song […]

R.E.M. Open Sources Music Videos; Will VJs Go Legally Legit?

R.E.M., by Dunechaser. And Lego. There are some serious, high-profile indications that big artists are beginning to embrace alternative licensing for their content, whether it’s pay-what-you-wish distribution, “please remix this for us” marketing campaigns, or genuinely open content. Whether that’s just a brief fad or the sign of things to come, it’s too early to […]

Remixing Karate Kid Live: The Real Power of 3-Way MIDI Sync

Karate Kid AV Remix from momo_the_monster on Vimeo. A major highlight of the party CDM held last weekend with our friends at TRASH_AUDIO and a live remix of The Karate Kid. Momo the Monster mangled the video while Shane Hazelton and Stephan Vankov did music. The whole event was powered by some clever MIDI […]

Get Ur G33k 0n! Dorkbot Chicago this Wednesday; CDM in Perth, Brisbane

CDM World Tour: catch up with Mike and Liz in Chicago, and Peter and Jaymis in Perth and Brisbane (Australia)! Dorkbot Chicago Any CDM-ers in the Chicagoland area are most warmly invited to this months Dorkbot at Deadtech, 3321 W. Fullerton Ave., on Wednesday at 8pm for food, drink, and brain-swelling information regarding micro-sampling and […]

Ableton Live 7 Preview on Beatportal, and How Much Slice to MIDI Rocks

I’ve already got a big, gold necklace that says “slice 2 midi.” My friend Francis Preve has been working on Live 7 through its development, but he’s finally gotten a break long enough to talk about what’s new in this version: Ableton Live 7 – sneak preview [Beatportal] Being close to the development, what Fran […]

Segue and Segway: AU Dance Music Creators Present Future of Transport

Some were disappointed that the Segway was not, as promised, “an invention that will “sweep over the world and change lives, cities, and ways of thinking.’” But there’s hope, in the form of Brisbane, Australia-based electronic duo Segue’s vision for the future. Clearly, the first Segway was just a 1.0 device. What it needs is […]

Random Rant: Daft Punk, Daft Plagiarists?

Sampling and remix culture is the future, right? Not if you ask a lot of music lovers at the moment. The guest for the CDM Random Rant of the Week is our friend Liz. It’s an issue I suspect has troubled some readers here, especially as music technology is equated to the sample/remix culture (especially […]

Wired Talks to DJ Spooky; Reggae Trumps Digital Mashups, Again

Wired doesn’t seem to care about anything musical unless it has the word “mashup” in it. But at least they get this right: Jamaican musicians understood the mashup long before Wired editors did. DJ Spooky is putting together a compilation to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reggae label Trojan Records, and as he talks to […]