Live 8 Videos: New Warping Explained, APC + ReMOTE SL Integration

With Live 8 in the hands of Ableton fans, two big questions remain for a lot of aficionados: first, how the heck do you deal with this new warp marker interface, and second, how can you make controller mappings for hardware more effective? Thanks to some enterprising, expert users, we’ve got video solutions to each […]

Automap 3 Pro: New Heads-Up Display, More Flexibility for Dynamic Controllers

Dynamic control is fantastic. The idea is this: when you switch to a new app or instrument or effect, the hardware controller automatically assigns parameters to controls. That means no messing around with templates, assignment editors, and configuration, and the ability to quickly gain control of your software when editing or performing. Novation’s MIDI-controlling keyboards […]

- January 19, 2009

ReMOTE SL v2 Automapping: Mackie HUI, Pro Tools, Combined Auto/Manual Mode

Automapping, the ability to automatically assign controls on hardware to software parameters, is a big draw for a lot of users, and a new upgrade to the ReMOTE SL keyboard brings this feature to Pro Tools for the first time — while smoothing out the rough edges in support for other software. The ReMOTE SL […]

Peter Kirn - October 3, 2006

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