bucketEER: Free 16 Delay Line Experimental Reverb for Windows

In memory of Minazo: bucket lover, iconic animal superstar, Web meme, elephant seal among elephant seals. Daz Diamond is back with another wacky, experimental effect. When we last joined Daz, he was sharing strange and wonderful granular, delay, and sidechain effects. Now, he’s been thinking about buckets (as in brigades, as in sets of delay […]

Reverbs from the Next Room, Metal Tanks, European Cars, Woods, More

AudioEase’s Altiverb remains the king of the convolution reverbs, providing highly realistic recreations of reverberations and other sounds by digitally combining your source with a recorded impulse. Lately, they’ve been going mad for impulse response recordings, the samples that drive the convolutoin process. The original Altiverb was infamous for its creation not only of soaring […]

Peter Kirn - November 7, 2005

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