A Brief History of the MPC in Video, by Current TV

Sometimes in technology, the design of a product can have an impact beyond just the tool itself, and that’s easily the case with the Akai MPC. Even if you aren’t part of the device’s cult-like following, you’ve likely worked with software influenced by its approach to musical interaction. While we await the coming of creator […]

Dave Smith/Linn LinnDrum II Pre-order List Now; Specs

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the LinnDrum II since it was called the BoomChik. We called the non-functional prototype one of the best products of this January’s NAMM – reasoning being that, based on what we heard from showgoers, a silent LinnDrum still beat more evolutionary blandness from the rest of the industry. But I’d be […]

LinnDrum II: Former BoomChik Gets More Delayed But More Mature

Amazing how time crawls when you’re eagerly awaiting something. Such is the case with the BoomChik: it seems like ages ago that drum machine legend Roger Linn and synth legend Dave Smith “pre-announced” this synth/drum machine. It was actually just this time last year. Unfortunately, you’re going to be waiting a little longer: feedback from […]

Crazy Delicious Drum Machine: Mod’ed Vintage LinnDrum LM-2 Video

Easily my YouTube pick of the day, individually-tuned voices on this classic LinnDrum LM-2 drum machine make wonderful beats. Thanks to Matt Bean (of Men’s Health magazine, no less) for bringing this vid to my attention. Skip to the part where it starts making sound, and you’ll get it right away. YouTuber rolandsh1000, who has […]

Roger Linn on New Instrument Design; Experimental Instrument Round-Up

There’s no shortage of ideas for how to make new instruments. And once upon a time, the MPC sampler (bottom right) was a new idea. While on the subject of Roger Linn, Roger also lets us know he’s put up a new page with reflections on instrument design and a round-up of alternative electronic interfaces […]

AdrenaLinn III: Amp Modeling, Beat-Synced Effects in a Box, For Guitars or Anything Else

Even as software continues to flourish, there’s still a great argument for a hardware box that does what you need — especially when that box has extensive feature sets, MIDI support, comes from Roger Linn, and costs US$375. Roger himself writes to let us know about the release of the AdrenaLinn III: AndrenaLinn III Product […]