Fission: Lossless at Last

Sure, between applications as full-featured as Bias Peak and Apple’s own Soundtrack not to mention freeware like Audacity, Mac users are a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to audio editors. But for those like myself who long for the simplicity and elegance of the long gone SoundEdit, Rogue Amoeba may just have the […]

Rogue Amoeba Says Developer Reactions are “Shocked”, “Angry” — But Mostly, Waiting

More details are coming in about the Apple-Intel deal. Here’s the really short version: Incompatible with PCs: You’ll probably be able to run Windows and Intel-Linux (unsupported) on Apple’s new Macs, but Apple won’t let you run OS X on PC hardware. Big surprise: Apple wants your hardware cash. (See Apple’s Schiller to Transition […]

Airfoil: Any App’s Audio to Airport Express

Rogue Amoeba, those virtuosos of routing audio in any Mac OS X app, have released Airfoil, their new application for routing audio from any Mac app to Aiport Express — not just iTunes. (The app was originally going to be called Slipstream, as we reported here.) Finally, you can listen to BBC Radio 6 from […]

Slipstream: Send Audio to Airport Express From Any Mac App

Apple's Airport Express is about to become a must-have. Rogue Amoeba's Slipstream Mac OS X application will let you use any Mac application with the Airport, not just iTunes. Pick an application source, choose the Airport you want to send to, and you've got instant audio streaming over Wi-Fi. The application is coming in early […]

WireTap Pro Recording Utility (Mac OS X)

Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack has a new rival for recording audio from any Mac app: Ambrosia has announced its new audio recording utility WireTap Pro (US$19). WireTap Pro boasts a one-button interface, direct AIFF, MP3, and AAC recording support, iCal integration for scheduled recording of radio, and even sharing of recording scheduling packages with other […]

Audio Hijack 2.2 Adds More Automation

Rogue Amoeba's must-have audio tool Audio Hijack lets you record audio from any Mac app; today's 2.2 release adds lots of new features for automatically handling recorded audio. You can now automatically add recorded audio to your iPod, or set a 'stop recording after' option for easy scheduling. The release also features better RealPlayer media […]