Ableton Joins Serato in Partnership; Digital Vinyl for Live?

Hmmm, kids seem to like Serato. Perhaps this is important technology. Makoto & Deeizm MC at Zerwick, Munich. Photo: AREALFAKE. Serato announced yesterday that they’ll be joining Ableton in a “creative partnership.” It’s not too hard to parse what this means from the announcement, which notes that Ableton Live’s strength is production and real-time remixing […]

Turntablism Reaches the VJ: Serato’s VIDEO-SL Reviewed on CDMotion

The convergence of visuals and sound on virtual vinyl has been a long time coming, but it’s awaited the perfect tool for controlling both. Serato’s VIDEO-SL promised to be that tool. We’ve gotten the crossfader in the capable hands of dj rndm and Robotkid to find out for Create Digital Motion. Here’s what the results […]