ROLI funded by Sony, Onkyo; is it time for the Walkman of music making?

ROLI, makers of the Seaboard and Blocks, keep adding to their funding. But new investments by Sony and Onkyo say a lot about betting on a future of music that’s centered on creation, not just consumption.

Volt synth 1.2 gets a big update and goes universal too (plus it’s on sale)

Volt synth, the MPE enabled synth gets updated to version 1.2 with loads of fixes and smaller updates to functionality, it also goes universal. If that wasn’t enough it’s on sale too.

Ashley Elsdon - May 9, 2018

MIDI Polyphonic Expression is now a thing, with new gear and software

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is now an official part of the MIDI standard. And Superbooth Berlin shows it’s catching on everywhere from granular synths to modular gear.

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