SoundCloud offices in Berlin.

Producers and DJs can now sign up to get paid for SoundCloud plays

SoundCloud’s ambitious goals for being the place where people share and discover music has always left it with a challenge. On one hand, it has to keep encouraging you to upload music – your tunes, your remixes, your DJ sets. It can’t just be a site for major label content, because then it loses to Apple and Spotify by default. On the other, it has to satisfy the needs of right holders – including when you upload music that they own. That’s an issue with your DJ set, of course, but it could eve be an issue with your own …


An All-Hardware Elektron Set – and Chat – with Experimental Techno Maestro Bill Youngman

With over a decade in experimental techno (working with the likes of Jamie Lidell and Cristian Vogel), and years more in production, Bill Youngman has earned his veteran ribbons. But this isn’t about the past. This is about what happens when you switch on the machines and make music that can only be heard live once, music you have to dance to in the instant. It’s electronic music with the spontaneity of traditional instrumental music, inside the dance idiom. And yes, you can dance to it – it certainly had me shaking around in the early Saturday morning of Krake …


Get Inside the Musical Brain of Machinedrum [Free Ableton Downloads, Listening]

“Blah, blah, I use Acme MusicStation Pro because it sounds completely dope – I love that compressor.” Okay. Before we begin, you’re not alone. Yes, a lot of artist profile endorsements, even some well-meaning ones, can wind up being rather useless. But at the risk of being redundant – since many of you get their mailing list – what’s special about a new set of profiles and downloads from Ableton is, you have a rare chance to dig deeper into the world of some musicians, learning about their techniques and approach in a way you can apply to your work. …


Visual Reel Picks: vvvv and Audiovisuals from Max Hattler

Enough talk about free software – back to some actual visuals. German visualist Max Hattler sends us his latest visual reel, a live A/V set performed in Serbia, and it’s a brilliant diversion. Textured geometries meld and blink in lovely combinations of hard-edged abstraction and painterly layers. It’s all done in vvvv, the graphical patching tool for Windows, the tool that, while it fails to be a household name, generates loads of optical output. I really enjoy the sounds, too. Much is made on our companion site Create Digital Music of what performances look like, but surely there’s also appeal …


Two Crazy Ableton Live Sets, with Mario and Animation; Send Us Yours!

We asked to see inside the Ableton Live sets you use in live performance, and you’ve responded with an overwhelming variety of responses. There are plenty of very practical submissions, from beginners and advanced users alike, which should give us a real sense of the ways in which people are playing Live as an instrument. Naturally, there are also some more unusual entries. At top: Mark Gutierrez has used the Live arrangement grid as a palette for animated pixel art, with 8-bit game characters from Space Invaders and Super Mario Brothers dancing across the screen. At bottom: Manuel Palenque has …