SoundToys’ Distorting Compressor Free for Two More Days, Plus Some Great Production Reading

Through Thursday, March 31 at midnight, you can grab SoundToys’ Devil-Loc plug-in for free, concluding a giveaway that began at the TapeOp party at South by Southwest. Devil-Loc is a nice-sounding emulation of the Shure M62. Chris Conover, in thanks for a Record beta I sent his way, points to the offer, a code (which I’ll share with readers), and mentions some ways he likes to use it – particularly, he says, on drum room mics: It is inspired by the Shure M62 Level-Loc, which was designed to be a leveling amplifier for microphones to avoid spikes and fades. Users …


Shure SM58 Mic Torture Test Pt. II, After a Year Buried Underground

The SM58. Unless your gigs are in Hell – and it freezes over – your mic will probably have a much calmer life than Studio’s did. Photo (CC) Deseret N/detmusic [myspace]. Just how rugged is your microphone? Mats StÃ¥lbröst, editor of the Stockholm-based Studio, took testing to a new extreme last year. He did violence to the legendary Shure SM58 – the sub-$100, vocal dynamic mic. It was used to hammer nails. It was dropped several meters. It was frozen. It was dunked in water. It was driven over by a car. It had beer poured on it. It was …


Shure SM58 Mic Torture-Tested: Takes a Licking…

The classic SM58 vocal mic has stood up to abuse before, but the Scandinavian-based Studio TV takes it to a new level. Photo of another well-used SM58 by Trendwhore, via Flickr. Us Americans are wimps. Scandinavians know how to test music gear. As a metal soundtrack pounds away in the background, a Shure SM58 gets subjected to some serious torture testing, including: Being used to hammer nails Dropped a couple of meters Frozen Dunked in water Driven over by a car And then something really nasty happens involving Heineken and a microwave.